Buran Ghati – A Himalayan wonder

Here comes the journey to my first high altitude Himalayan trek to Buran Ghati…… Plan for a Himalayan trek was an impromptu decision at a friend’s home in Bangalore which came as an alternative to a European backpack trip, and after completing this trek I can vouch that we made the right choice. The next […]

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Hippie Hampi!!

In previous blog I discussed about the Historic Hampi (you can check it out here). Although as promised this time we will dive into the Hipster’s paradise in Hampi, Hippie Island. The Journey… Take a ferry/boat to the northern side of the historic (references dates back to Ramayana) Tungabhadra river (preferably in the morning if you […]

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Historic Hampi!!

On a lazy December morning..sleeping under a cozy blanket….popped up a thought….why not utilize this cold weather for exploring warmer (comparatively!) south of our very own Incredible India! What could have been a better alternative for a backpacker then a journey to the forgotten empire of Hampi. “Architecture is the biggest unwritten document of history” […]

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