Trek to hidden fort of Maratha empire..

A weekend approaching coupled with cool weather of fading winter
demanded…. rather pushed (:P) us to explore the sahyadri range at least once before the scorching heat overtakes and bring a halt to our trekker journey before the ideal time(monsoon). Although couple of options were on plate but because of it’s unparalleled underlying history we were compelled to pick this hidden fort of Tikona.

Journey to Tikona Peth

We a group of 5 started our journey at 6 in morning with collecting each one and having an early morning experience of our very own Pune – Lonavala local train and that morning tea at station worked as a tonic to energize the lazy self within us.

Our first milestone was to reach kamshet which is couple of station before Lonavala, although our base village (Tikona peth) was still 25km away . Luckily we got the last Jeep leaving for our next stop was a town named ‘Colony’ Here we had a big fat marathi breakfast of vada pav and tea and picked few fruits for our journey ahead. Again we had a bolero kind of SUV ride finally to our base village.

Trekking part….

Then we started our ascend to this beautiful fort which was a hidden arsenal with Shivaji Maharaj to keep a check on 7 different nearby forts under Maratha empire and hence doesn’t has much description in any written documentation which is mostly attributed to Mughals or later to Britishers. Although we met a guard in traditional Maratha attire at the top of fort who described the strategic nature of this fort due to which this fort had a crucial importance in Maratha empire.

What to see…

  • At the top there is a small pond and few other sections of forts preserved.
  • Main gate of the fort has its own grandeur nature.
  • There is also an idol of Lord Hanumana in form of ‘Veer Maruti‘.
  • We also got the chance to see the rare stalagmite ore which is extensively used as decorative stones.
  • View to other 7 forts from the top was one of a kind experience.

Return journey with a twist…..

After completing the trek descend we were short of options to how to reach our base from which we get the cab to our local ride to Pune.
After few failed attempt to get lift from cars , we finally settled in the the front compartment of a truck carrying 10+ tonnes of sand. We 5 plus the driver tried to fit in the seats designed for max 3 people .
This short little truck journey compiled of many stories from the driver including how he has traveled across the breadth of country to providing lift to 7 girls at a time in that tiny little compartment. our happening driver dropped us to Colony town from where we finally took a shared Jeep local station and reached Pune.

Although  with this we came to end of this eventful journey but the memories made will last forever. 🙂


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